Full Circle Stables incorporates the principles of Classical Dressage, balanced–seat riding and correct biomechanical positioning with natural horsemanship to enable you to reach the harmony and partnership of the ‘Perfect Ride’.

While outside trainers are welcome, Kim Anaston-Karas is qualified in a wide range of talents and techniques and has association with several local, national and international trainers including Heiner Jeibmann, Dickcy Boutelle Gibson, and many others whose collective talents can help you with your riding goals from the beginner balanced-seat rider through Grand Prix Dressage. FCS strives toward the ‘Perfect Ride’ regardless of saddle type.

FCS also has an association with Prairie Winds Art of Equine Massage College of Colorado (PWA), with occasional winter clinics at FSC. PWA offers classes in body work/massage for horse and rider to achieve bio-mechanical harmony.