Accommodations, Amenities and Rates

Full Circle Stables Main Barn

The Full Circle Barn

This quaint, private barn accommodates up to five horse and they receive plenty of attention. We excel at special requests and needs such as aiding in training, education, rehabilitation and performance enhancement goals.

Full Circle Stables is less than an hour from some of the world’s finest horse shows in Wellington, Florida. Also, within minutes of our location, you have access to thousands of acres of equestrian trails.

High Quality Care is Standard

We strive to provide high quality care for your horse by offering free choice quality hay, fresh, high quality feed selected specifically for your horse’s needs.

The barn is run by standards set by extensive experience learned at Morven Park International Equestrian Institute, including deep bedding cleaned several times a day, daily washing of all buckets, tack, feed and hay rooms swept out and tidy. Safety is highly valued so we adhere to protocols to ensure you and your horse’s best interests.

Healthy Amenities

Our bright, clean, newly renovated barn provides a safe and healthy environment where your horse will thrive.

  • It’s designed to take advantage of prevailing breezes, providing continuous cross ventilation.
  • The wide aisle is fully matted, tack room  air conditioned, as well as a hot/cold water wash rack.
  • The pastures and barn are well drained with lush grasses and shade trees.
  • Horses receive top quality, free choice hay in addition to grazing.
  • The barn is set up for adult riders with complimentary cappuccino maker, wine selections and use of pool and shower facilities.
  • A second barn has a wash rack, and washer/dryer for horse laundry.
Board is $750 per month yearly, or $850 per month seasonally.
Daily rates vary dependent upon usage. Please contact us to make arrangements.