Education of Horse & Rider

Our guiding principle is to encourage harmony between horse and rider; achieving the ‘Perfect Ride’ through harmony of a partnership regardless of saddle type.

As an education center we believe there are many facets to good horse(wo)manship. These include:

Arabian and Rider Instruction
Kim Anaston-Karas cues her student
  • Biomechanically correct and relaxed riding position which allows you to feel and influence your horse so to be clear, soft and efficient in your aids
  • Be compassionate in your training, whether in the saddle or on the ground
  • Understanding the synergy between proper care (you, vet and farrier), ground work (natural horsemanship and manners), and riding
  • How feel and communication will be enhanced through myofascial  massage and Chi energy body work that allows the horse to travel freely
  • Truly respect the horse’s gentle nature and his willingness to please
  • It doesn’t matter what type of saddle you ride, it just matters that you have a desire to achieve that perfect ride with your equine partner
Riding lessons and schooling are $65 per session. We recommend a minimum of three session for the best learning experience.

Equine body work/massage, fitness and nutrition consultation are available for an additional fee. For more information about our training methods or to schedule an appointment, please use our contact form.